New Berkel DICE-D11 3/8" Dicing Grid #5182

  • $179.00

The Berkel DICE-D11 3/8" dicing grid is a great way to dice fruits and vegetables for your most popular recipes! Designed to fit your M2000 or M3000 series food processor, this dicing grid can be paired with the SLICER-S11 slicing plate for smooth dicing, or with the SLICER-J4X4 and SLICER-J6X6 julienne plates for Brunoise style onions and celery.

Compatible models:

Berkel M3000-7

Berkel M2000-5

Berkel M3000-10

Berkel M3000-12

Berkel M3000-8

Berkel M2000-3

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