Cleveland #S105957 Float Assembly, 24CEA10, Genuine OEM Replacement Part, #5978

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Cleveland #S105957 Float Assembly, 24CEA10, Genuine OEM Replacement Part, #5978

Float switches are used in many types of foodservice equipment including ice machines, beverage systems, and dishwashers. A simple example of a liquid level "float" is seen in coffee brewing systems where they are used to indicate the amount of coffee or water in the brewer or dispenser. Liquid level floats, also known as float balls, are spherical, cylindrical, oblong or similarly shaped objects, made from either rigid or flexible material, that are buoyant in water and other liquids. They are non-electrical hardware frequently used as visual sight-indicators for surface demarcation and level measurement. They may also be incorporated into switch mechanisms or translucent fluid-tubes as a component in monitoring or controlling liquid level.

Liquid level floats, or float switches commonly used in Ice making equipment use the principle of material buoyancy (differential densities) to follow fluid levels. Solid floats are often made of plastics with a density less than water or other application liquid, and so they float. Hollow floats filled with air are much less dense than water or other liquids and are appropriate for applications such as auto-fill and flow control systems.

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Length: 8.6 in / 21.84 cm

Width: 5.1 in / 12.95 cm

Height: 4.7 in / 11.94 cm

Weight: 1.87 lbs / 848 g

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