All stainless commercial custom-made 4 burner. Grates are Virtually Indestructible! 111,111 total btu's #5031

  • $449.00

Tired of the Hassle AND EXPENSE of replacing grates?  NOT a problem with THIS BEAUTY!! This is a custom made 4 burner natural gas for a local restaurant chain that is extra stock. It is all stainless except the burner tips. Each burner puts out 27,777 btu's. Total btu's for the unit is 111,111. Compare that to most of 100,000 btu's. Top grates are removable for easy cleaning and are VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE!!  These grates also act as a radiant for even heat when a pan is on top. Standing pilots for each burner. SAVE LOTS OF $$$$,,,,BECAUSE this will probably be the LAST 4 burner you buy!!  No more rusted out frames or broken grates.  See video below.

We are a restaurant service company in business for over 25 years, so YOU CAN BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!